Art Ideas 

Each club can decide what artworks they'd like to contribute to the Art Show. We've compiled ideas below and in this document .

One-Session Ideas

Paint Pouring
Main Idea Pour paint onto a canvas or paper.
Equipment Acrylic paint, paper or canvas, bowl or cup, water
Preparation None
Websites Deco Art Blog

Main Idea Stick paper onto cardboard.
Equipment Thick cardboard, materials to make collage (e.g. magazine cut-outs, photocopies of leaves, felt, coloured paper or tissue paper cut into different sized shapes, coloured tape), glue stick
Preparation Pre-cut all the collage materials
Websites Artsonia Art Blog Barley and Birch Art Blog
Artsyville Art Blog
Drip Drip Splatter Splash Art Blog

Main Idea Stamp or blow paint onto a page.
Equipment Bubble paint or regular paint, thick cardboard, straws or balloons, colouring pencils
Preparation Mix together bubble paint
Websites Amazing Interior Design Blog
A Piece of Rainbow Blog

Glue tie-dye
Main Idea Drip food colouring onto glue and swirl with a toothpick.
Equipment Thick pourable glue, toothpicks, plastic plates, different coloured food dye, holepunch and string
Preparation None
Websites Babble Dabble Do Blog

Main Idea Trace a photo and words OR cut paper and stick onto a page.
Equipment Camera, printer, Member’s photos and names printed, laminate/ acetate sheets, pens for writing on acetate, watercolour paints and paintbrushes, thick cardboard
Scissors, magazines, thick cardboard
Preparation Take a photo of each Member’s face and print photo and their names
Websites Dali Moustache Blog
English Photo Blog

Multiple-Session Ideas